About Us



Cyprus/ Eno owner, Tamme Buckley, is a long-time Colorado resident and restaurant owner. She’s been in the business for 30 years, having had two restaurants of her own.

Tamme has spent the last 15 years traveling the country looking for inspiration for her perfect new business adventure. She had her sights set on a farm-to-table restaurant with enough outdoor space for live music/ events, pets, and good vibes. When she discovered Cyprus and Eno, she immediately fell in love with how they embodied everything she’d been searching for. She bought both places in  

​May of 2018, and is excited to bring forth new and unique ideas in the years to come.

Tamme has three children and two grandchildren. When not at the restaurant, she enjoys cooking, running, and going to some of the many events Durango hosts throughout the year. 

If you stop by either Cyprus or Eno on any given day, chances are you’ll run into her working hard alongside her staff. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself, Tamme loves meeting the people who frequent her restaurants!

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